Your Recruitment Problems

  • Your company offers a highly specialized solution – within a niche, creating a need for Specialized selling capabilities – of which there is a severe Sales & Pre-Sales Talent shortage – leading to sub-optimal hires, long hiring cycles, and too many misses.
  • Your internal recruitment efforts culminate in ‘post and pray’ methodologies – or utilization of ‘also-ran’ agencies who have little specialization and a reactive approach to recruiting your vacancies.
  • You have no process by which you are attracting Top Sales & Pre-Sales performers and engaging them 24/7/365 for when the time is right.

The Right Kind of Sales & Pre-Sales Professionals are feeling hunted and less likely to respond to your ‘cold’ InMails, Calls or Job Ads as the demand for their skills increases. On top of that, Truly Top Performers are successful, with full pipelines, and commissions waiting around the bend. They have no need to engage with you unless you have a relationship with them.