Do you get value from your engagement with recruiters?

Ask Yourself

  • Has a recruiter mis-represented a Sales opportunity?
  • Have you taken time off work to go to an interview, only to find the compensation range wasn’t in line with your expectations of On Target Earnings?
  • Been asked by recruiters to provide bullet points outlining why you are a good fit for a sales role, despite the evidence being easily deciphered in your resume, quota attainment metrics, domain expertise, and conversation?
  • You want to work with a recruiter who will lead you to Sales roles where the company mission, culture, and compensation are in tune with your values and priorities – in an environment with processes you can embrace, and in a role aligned with your career aspirations.
  • Do you want to work with a recruiter who is not target focused, but operates from a values and ethics framework, and aspires for mutually beneficial long-term recruiter-candidate relationships?