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Startups & Established Firms are battling to hire the same scarce Sales and Pre-Sales Talent in every market. Supply can’t keep up with demand.

A whopping 45.4% of salespeople miss their quota. On average, only 54.6% of sales professionals produce enough revenue to meet  their quota (CSO insights 2015 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Study).

Consider how intense the battle is for the Top Producing Sales & Pre-Sales talent when half the work force isn’t making their number.

The Challenges you Face Finding Top Talent

  • Job Ads, Post & Pray Methodology, and Linked IN InMails reach the ‘Actively Searching’ Sales Candidates, not the Top 15% of performers. You are not communicating with these people.
  • Your talent attainment efforts are all uphill, outbound, and reactive. You have a lack of authority/high profile pre-engagement with true game changing sales professionals
  • You are tired and frustrated speaking with un-vetted, or mis-matched submissions, finding yourself with long vacant sales roles killing revenue attainment, and stretching your resources to the breaking point.

Your Path to the Elusive ‘A’ Player

  • A strategy that pre-engages top performers in every market at all times (24/7/365) – leading to inevitable hires when the time is right.
  • A consistent message about your differentiation – and why it is a great career move to sell for you
  • A pre-determination about cultural and aspirational fit, so no time is wasted matching square pegs and round holes.
  • Quickly filled roles with top performing Sales Professionals, limiting down time, and maximizing revenue attainment.

Sound Familiar?

It’s not just you taking a hit from this battle for scarce Sales and Pre-Sales Resources. According to Forbes there is a 516% year over year increase in demand for people who can sell Big Data related solutions in 2017. Most Sales Leaders cite a Sales talent gap as the main hurdle to revenue achievement, a pain further compounded by insufficient recruitment strategies to bridge that gap.

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